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We are going to talk about Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs. A magnificent solution to carry out the management of all the processes of your ERP company, as well as the commercial work of CRM.

In addition to ERP and CRM. Dolibarr has many more functionalities that can be extended as needed. Dashboard – Dashboard, User Management, Creation of Products and Services, Financial Management, Commercial Management, Project Management, Third Party Tracking – CRM, Third Party Management, Point of Sale Terminal – POS, Contract Management, Document Management, Interventions, Human Resources, Agenda, Members – Partners and many more …

Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs Spain
A small business must be fast, efficient, and reliable. With this solution, you will succeed.

Dashboard or home dashboard
Set up the most important listings and graphics on your home page. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Initial statistics of the number of users, customers, suppliers, orders, invoices, interventions, etc …
List of configurable indicators with alerts in the form of alerts for a set time.
Customer invoices per month.
Supplier invoices per month.
Customer orders per month.
Modified orders.
Modified budgets.
Modified invoices.
Last actions to take (agenda).
Stock alert panels.
Balance of open accounts.
Product and service distribution charts.
Customer and supplier invoice panels pending payment.
Project panels.
Services about to expire by contract.
Activation of panels of the last interventions carried out.
Management of Users, Groups, and Permissions
From here you can control which parts of Dolibarr each user can use. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

System user management.
Customization of themes by the user.
Individualization of the start page for each user (Dashboard).
Management of external users for the display of their exclusive information. (perfect to give access to clients and save management time)
Group management.
The granularity of permissions by groups and users.
User connectivity through LDAP.
An unlimited number of users.
Creation of several administrators.
Establishment of the costs of an internal user.
Setting a user’s schedule.
User hierarchy in the company.
Determination of the user’s salary.
Creation of the signature of email shipments for a user.
Setting a user’s color for quick viewing of their action records in the calendar.
Display of the user’s free vacation days.
Financial management
Control of the financial management of the company. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Management of invoices to clients and suppliers.
Management of taxes and social charges.
Entering wage payments (Not the same as creating payrolls).
Reports of general results, by clients, by-products and services, by sales volume, by (commercial) users.
Statistics of invoices received and issued.
Sales journal.
Shopping diary.
A merger of pending invoices or partial payment in PDF.
Grouping of orders into invoices.
Management of bank accounts and others.
Management of direct debits.
Automatic management of direct debit bill payments.
Workflow with the commercial part (Budgets and orders.).
Financial statistics.
Sales margins
Products / Services Management
We can organize all our products/services into categories. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Complete management of products and services.
Product and service statistics.
Warehouse and product stock management.
Transfers and movements of stock.
Establishment of different price levels.
Replenishment of products.
Categorization of products and services.
Shipping and transportation management.
Shipping statistics and listings.
Creation of delivery notes or deliveries.
Batch and expiration management.
Commercial management
Manage your budgets, orders (from customers and suppliers), contracts … Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Complete budget management.
Complete management of orders to customers and suppliers.
Generation of delivery notes or delivery notes.
Workflow between orders and budgets.
Tracking orders.
Management of budget statements, orders (customers), orders (suppliers).
Budget and order statistics (customers and suppliers).
Control of periodic customer service contracts.
Management of interventions or work parts.
Projects management
You can manage your projects. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs

Organization, control and project management of the company.
Creation and monitoring of assigned tasks of a project according to the role of the responsible user or participant of the project, that is, internal user to the company, or external.
Assignment of external users (such as customers) to a project, so that it can track in real time.
Association of entities to the project (budgets, orders, customer and supplier invoices, interventions, etc.), thus, we will quickly analyze everything related to the project.
Quick and intuitive vision of the project.
Possibility of attaching relevant documents to the project and its tasks.
Visualization of the gains or losses of the project according to the entities related to it (customer invoices, and supplier invoices for material costs), in addition to the imputations of employees’ hours involved in it.
Obtaining information from the project members.
Simple Gantt chart to obtain information on the status of the same at a glance as an agenda, which will allow us to find out whether or not the project enters within the expected time frame according to the tasks completed.
Third Party CRM Tracking
From here you can track the Third Party CRM. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs

CRM with all entities: budgets, interventions, orders, invoices, projects, tasks, contacts, etc. at a glance, for complete viewing of everything required.
Automatic registration of actions and events in the agenda automatically.
Follow-up of contacts made with third parties.
Quick and grouped display of everything related to a third party.
Recording of the actions of a user through the “Dolibarr LOG” (as long as it is activated, where all the actions of the users of the system will be discovered, but the growth of the dedicated file must be taken into account in this case in the contracted website, it is an AUDIT system).
Agenda management according to user and group, with distinction by color.
Registered mailings by sending quotes, orders and invoices from the application.
Private notations.
Management of contacts, clients and potential clients.
Sending mail to third parties in bulk, creating a simple newsletter.
Third party search, contacts and products in a simple and fast way, thanks to the menu located on the left of the system, which will search for them following a relationship close to the search entities. That is to say, we can search for the mail of a third party through the search field “company”, and this field does not include the name of the company, but does include that information in its email field.
Third Party Management
You will be able to manage the Third Parties. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Customer Management.
Potential clients (prospects).
Supplier management.
Contact management.
Association of customer categories.
Association of potential customer categories (Leads.)
Association of contact categories.
Management of third-party discounts for the future sales application.

Management of third-party discounts for the future sales application.
Linking the agenda and events after the actions with the entities of budgets, orders, invoices, etc …
Linking entities (Budget, orders, invoices, etc … with the third party for quick viewing).
Documents associated with the third party for a quick association of documents according to the entities.
Notifications of third party contacts that can be used at the time of the entity’s status change, be it budget, order, etc … in this way the customer will be notified after the change of the same by email automatically.
Public and private notes associated with the third party with the aim of informing the third party in the documents, or the internal users privately.
Point of Sale Terminal (POS)
Point of sale terminal for counter sales

Basic point of sale terminal system.
Allows use of barcode reader for reading.
Integrated with Dolibarr billing.
Quick counter sales.
Dolibarr payment methods configuration.
Default (Third Party) Client Configuration for Sale.
Choice of payment methods configured at the time of sale.
Simple management of sales stock control with Dolibarr, depending on your configuration.
Easy and simple use, but above all basic.
Integrated with Dolibarr.
In short, a useful module, very basic for its functions that do not require additional functionalities.
Contract management
You can manage your contracts with your clients. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Notices on the dashboard (home page) with a threshold previously defined, we will efficiently monitor the contracts.
We will be able to invoice customer contracts thanks to the linking of the billing module with contracts.
Monitoring of periodic and repetitive sales services, such as maintenance or those services that enjoy a temporary and necessary control for business activity.
Save time and keep track of the expiration of our clients’ services in order to avoid escaping the control and payment of them.
Something very necessary for companies that their business is based on periodic fees for their activity, such as service companies with recurring activities to their customers. An example of this would be hosting companies or domain contracting, insurance companies, lawyers who have a periodic service with their clients, consultancies, etc …, that is, any temporary link due to the offering of a service.
A contract in Dolibarr, is made up of one or several services that do not have to have the same end date, and that Dolibarr will keep the user responsible for it informed.
Dolibarr allows the download of the PDF of a client’s contract with the contracted services.
Document Management
You can have all your documentation centralized. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Basic document storage system.
Document management automatically integrated with budget entities, orders, invoices, third parties, etc …
But it also allows the registration or upload of files, whatever their extension, in entities such as project tasks, general document management (GED), budgets, orders, invoices, third parties, with the purpose of relating said additional information with these entities, since due to its file – entity relationship, it allows a quick search and relationship of both.
Recommended for commercials who travel eventually and require having the existing documents in the system, whether stored by them or by other users, but ultimately necessary in their work.
These documents may be standard or not (that is, based on creation and reading standards), but it must be taken into account that the application that intends to open them for viewing must be able to read or interpret these formats, such as, for example, pdf, jpg, word, excel, etc.
Intervention Management
Management for the work done to clients. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Creation and management of interventions.
Time controls applied to a client through his intervention.
Control of work performed.
Equivalent to parts of work performed by workers internal or external to the company, being reflected in the system and with knowledge of the company to determine an action.

Integration with Projects.
Integration of interventions with customer contracts (That according to the contract mutually established with the company based on interventions carried out, these will be charged on an agreed date (monthly, annual, etc …), or on the contrary, from a maintenance contract with a client (annual, or greater), you simply want to obtain the time dedicated to said client, which after previous payment of your fee, may or may not be viable for a subsequent renewal of the next contract period.).
Creation of invoices from the interventions made to a client with a single click, provided it is an agreement by both parties.
Human Resources
Management of vacation requests, employee salaries, and relationship with projects. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs

Request for days off by employees.
Approval of requests for days off by the responsible user.
Email notification of requests and their subsequent acceptance or not through an email that the employee will receive.
Management of holidays in the user tab and from the human resources module.
Management of common expenses.
Establishment of an employee’s salary as a user of the system even if they do not have access to it. But it is intended for future system updates.
Possibility of including the payment of wages to employees so that they are reflected in the management of the company and form part of the balance or global report of the same.
Establishment of the price per hour and the day (in daily hours) of a worker of the company to later be able to obtain the results of benefits or losses in the projects created by clients based on the summary of objects linked to it (client invoices and invoices of suppliers as associated costs, in addition to the hours and costs of user workers related to the project based on the hours applied to the project tasks).
Registration and Agenda Management
From here we will control all the events and actions that occur in dolibarr. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs

Agenda for the management of automatic or manual events.
Sharing the calendar with other users.
Integration with google CAL (external module necessary to Dolibarr).
Automatic registration of all the actions of the user responsible for an action (creation of budgets, creation of invoice, validation of entities such as budgets, invoices, orders, shipments, etc …).
List of actions filtered by users, groups, etc … from the agenda or calendar module.
Creation of PDF of the stock listings.
Assignment of tasks or events to system users.
Possibility of creating new actions through the configuration menu dictionary by the administrator.
Daily, weekly or quarterly display for a broader view of the agenda.
Quick display of the occupation status of users, necessary for the secretariat or administration department responsible for such a case.
Filtering of dates by view search, weekly, monthly or daily, in addition to “today”.
Filtered by event type.
Filtered by user.
Filtered by project type.
Filtered by event type.
A complete informative agenda of what is registered and automated by company users, which allows viewing according to the permissions assigned to the system user.
System Administration
Configuration and parameterization of the system. Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Complete management of the system parameterization.
Management of our company.
Management of the serial modules of the Dolibarr system
Time controls.
User Management.
Dictionary management.
Management of limits and precisions of the system.
Control of system security.
Management of dashboard panels.
Email management.
Tax control.
Management of user groups.
Translation management.
Backup management.
Menu management.
SMS management.
Management of the environment.
Alert management.
Custom and flexible configuration.
Control of workflows.
Tasks scheduled through cron commands (linux)
Direct printing control of documents such as budgets, orders, invoices, etc …
Management of complementary and interface modules, added to the system (not included as standard).
Control of experimental modules (to test) that through hidden variables will be available, with the sole purpose of testing and not to put into production or a real environment.
Management of clubs and associations (dues, members …) Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

Indicated for the management of Members of a company.
Dolibarr allows management control for Clubs, Associations, Entities that need to control their expenses periodically (gyms, companies that charge equivalent fees to their clients subscribed to their service, etc …)
Grant Management.
Classification of members according to established type.
Unsubscribed Member Listings.
Current Member Listings.
Member Listings are not up to date with payments.
Graphic statistics by country, region, province, population and characteristics.
Complete listings with search filters.
Ideal for organizations, clubs, entities that need to control the payment of their members, who periodically pay a fixed fee for belonging to it.
Printing of proof of fee payment.
Dolibarr also has a Donations control and management module for non-profit organizations.
And much more…
And we are sure you were not informed … Dolibarr CRM ERP for Small Business SMEs.

PDF management of budgets, orders, invoices, delivery notes, interventions, etc. and mailing from the same application, without leaving the program.
Management of Import and Export of data to CSV, TSV and XLS.
Management of EMAILING (Newsletters).
Expedition Management.
Notification management.
Quick search for products, third parties and contacts.
Activation of graphic panels on the home page.
Pre-accounting to be able to export management data to accounting programs.
Control of user salaries (workers).
Control of taxes such as income tax, VAT and Social Security (for Spain) …
SEPA direct debits (Europe).
Leads and Opportunities Management through the Projects module.
Activation of the WYOSING editor module.
Compatibility with modules such as Paypal, PayBox …
Integration with LDAP.
Integration system with CLICK TO DIAL and ASTERISK, (search for integrators to obtain a good communication result).
Additional services such as Gravatar, FTP, WEB Services (API DOLIBARR), RSS feeds, Skype, etc …
Batch and expiration management for perishable products.
Basic OpenSurveys system, for popular voting.
Modules for grouping orders into invoices.
System easily adaptable to clients with their own needs, thanks to its open and flexible code, without the need for much programming knowledge, just understanding the PHP language (known by the vast majority of programmers worldwide), HTML, javascript and MYSQL . A luxury for customers who do not want to depend on a service provider (that is, a company)
And many functionalities that will arrive shortly, and for this, we thank you for your patience and collaboration.
Many additional and complementary modules in the official Dolistore store.
As you can see, the features of Dolibarr are very interesting and powerful to help propel your company to business success. You just need to contact us to take advantage of it too.

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