PHP 8 Migration eBook Pre-Sale (Spanish)

The new PHP 8 was released, so we help you to migrate your old scripts to this new version, with samples, step by step.

I decide to release it with a pre-sale with a low price for supporting my work, expecting you can support us until the delivery.

After that delivery date the eBook will cost $69 USD.

Hoping being useful for you and expecting for your kind support.

You can check the eBook progress here

Photo by tumblr

Photo by tumblr

The planned content would be the follow:

Chapter 1. Introduction to PHP 8

  • New Features
  • Backward Incompatible Changes
  • Deprecated Features
  • Other Changes

Chapter 2. How to migrate from PHP 5.x.x

  • Migration from 5.5.x to 5.6.x
  • Migration from 5.6.x to 7.0.x

Chapter 3. How to migrate from PHP 7.x.x

  • Migration from 7.0.x to 7.1.x
  • Migration from 7.1.x to 7.2.x
  • Migration from 7.2.x to 7.3.x
  • Migration from 7.3.x to 7.4.x

Chapter 4. How to Migrate Finally to PHP 8.x.x

  • Migration from 7.4.x to 8.0.x

Chapter 5.  Code Samples PHP 8.x.x

  • Code Examples Chapter 2
  • Code Examples Chapter 3
  • Code Examples Chapter 4

Chapter 6.  Other Surprise Resources

PHP 8 Migration eBook Pre-Sale (English)

PHP 8 Migration eBook Pre-Sale

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Photo by @EcoInteractive

Photo by @EcoInteractive


PHP 8 Migration eBook Pre-Sale (Spanish)