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The full stack developer gradually evolves to be a multitasking professional.

The trend indicates that the full stack web programmer is gradually evolving to be a multitasking professional with specializations in certain subjects. In this context, we consider that a web developer must have a series of skills:

IT Project Skills:

Project management tools: Statistics reveal that about 80% of companies spend more than half of their development time rewriting code. This not only leads to delays, but also creates additional expenses for the personnel and other equipment involved. That is why a full stack web programmer must also be an excellent project manager, know which development methodology to implement for each one, understand resource allocation strategies, recognize scope progress, and have plans B.

Git and Github: A full stack web programmer must be smart and agile in their work. When something goes wrong in the development process, you can’t afford to start over with a project from scratch. This is why it is essential that you master Git and Github. This enables you to constantly monitor your development process so that you can revert to a previous version when something goes wrong.

Front End Skills:

HTML: this technology allows you to develop personalized web pages with unique and advanced features and functionalities. Knowing HTML allows you to build the initial structure of a website and also helps in the implementation of SEO strategies and search engine optimization.

CSS: stands for Cascading StyleSheets, and has to do with how a page created with HTML would look. Through designs, fonts, colors, styles and more, CSS allows you to visualize a website in an aesthetic and visually pleasing way. It is also responsible for making the web pages adaptive and that they adjust to the output needs, depending on the screen from which they are accessed.

Javascript: it is the only programming language that works in browsers natively, this means that it is not necessary to compile it to run it. In this way, it is used as a complement to HTML and CSS to create dynamic web pages and to provide much more interaction at the time of use.

JS Frameworks: Like NodeJS, React, Angular, VueJS, JQuery,  are so popular nowadays and we integrate solutions for every requirement and environment.

Backend Skills:

Server Languages: As PHP (Versions 5.6, 7, 8), Python (Versions 2.x, 3.x), Java. Power and Reliability on Cloud and Web Services.

In this time, regardless of the size of the projects, quality delivery is own key.

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