10 Advices to Deal With Coronavirus and Our Business
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We are going through a new and very hard situation, we hope that these recommendations will be useful to protect you and your business within this pandemic era.
  • Stay away from anxiety as it’s an adaptation with progressive results
  • Reduce huge expenses (Sample… close local for rent)
  • Work from home
  • Study the target market again
  • Quantify the inventory of products and/or services.
  • Save 30% to invest it in replenishing stock and some software update or putting online store.
    (Invest in Professional Webdevelopers Software to create tools to sell my products or services online).
  • Hire graphic designers to improve the photos of your products, which developers will ask of you.
  • Find distribution and logistics business partners.
  • Save 20% of the rercaudate in the day (Emergency Savings or Own Expenses)
  • Save 20% for Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Expenses (to pay for electricity, gas, water, telephone, taxes, etc…)

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